WATCH: A Window In Time

A group of 50 neighbours living on the same street in St. George have made a moving film about their experience of lockdown, and raising money for charities in the process.

Created by the Clouds Hill Collective the film is called ‘A Window In Time’, and captures a glimpse of life during the first 2020 lockdown – the handwashing and endless renditions of ‘happy birthday’; the homeschooling; the new-found connection with nature and strong community spirit of the time.

The project has been partly spearheaded by Bristol Beacon Creative Producer Jenni Parkinson, who teamed up with a group of other creatives who lived on the street to create the film.

Jenni played the part of Musical Director, composing and creating the evocative score, which also features Bristol Beacon music tutors and associate musicians Siobhan Clough, Kate Fox, Mircea Mutulescu and Ric Ventura.

Reflecting on how lucky they were to have homes to stay in during the pandemic, the group decided to raise money for Shelter and Caring In Bristol, to help those who don’t have the security of a home.

Watch the beautiful film below, and if you can, please consider donating to the Clouds Hill Collective fundraiser, which is just over half way to their target of £5000.



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