WATCH: A New Song For Bristol

In November 2020, Bristol Beacon launched a city-wide callout to the people of Bristol to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of 2020 in words, music and song, with the goal of creating A New Song For Bristol together.

A collective of artists and ambassadors featuring Javeon, Kayla Painter, Lloyd Coleman (Paraorchestra), Lady Nade, Grove and KALA CHNG are helping to sculpt the project and are giving tutorials and creative tips to inspire communities and schools to get involved. So we will be sharing more of your songs for Bristol very soon.

In response, we received a kaleidoscope of creations – from handwritten letters from Bristolians in their 80s to eight year olds sharing their views on missing live music – the people of Bristol have answered the call to share your song.

On Tuesday 23 March 2021 Bristol Beacon and Sound UK presented the premiere of the song that the resulting submissions have inspired.


A Song for Bristol: Trousers Optional by This Is The Kit & Bucky

Performed by This is The Kit, Bucky and The Fantasy Orchestra. Commissioned by Sound UK and Bristol Beacon.

Video by Sally Stevens
Audio mixed by Joe Garcia at Joe’s Garage

Kindly supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council England and RVW Trust.

Get involved

The new song for Bristol has been created, but you can still get involved and put thoughts, feelings and experiences of 2020/21 into words, music and song.

Watch creative tips from singer songwriter Javeon who’ll give you some techniques that might help you get started on a creative project.

And if you’d like to send us your creation, we’d love to read it or hear it. So you can still make a submission via the button below.


What is A Song for Us?

A national music project marking this historic time, A Song for Us celebrates our communities and the power of music to bring us together. Find out more about the project here. 

Help create a music map of the country with Your Songs. Share a favourite song, or write your own, that holds special meaning at this time.


Twenty four hours in a day
Seven days within a week
now let’s write write
the book that we’d want to read

posting notes through neighbours doors
and they give us lots of help
good as gold
They are kind I am sure now we’re much nicer souls

Butchers bakers builders barbers, horseshoe bends and floating harbours
Accidental over-sharers, a spotlight on all kinds of carers
Infection deep cleans in full PPE,
wearing a mask and you struggle to see
You keep on going even though you’re hot
You do it for the patients cos you care a lot

We actichlor the walls we actichlor the floors
Even Frank the CEO had a go, he got 13000 views you know
Our amazing team back together again
Learn about infection control from Helen and Jane
Put the clinical waste out in the pouring rain
But you forget the key and have to do it again

do it again do it again……..

Lillian wrote us a letter and Kelly went and wrote us a poem
Everyone else sent in everything else inspired by staying at home
An exception to the rule we’d be stuck in the same room – Reece managed family time better on Zoom
how can we thank everybody enough for sending in so much quality stuff.

and I like to write
I do not and cannot use a computer.
But I like to write to people.

to take my mind off this sad time
Please don’t ring me up
at the moment i’m busy
with arranging to do.
Busy writing a letter to you.

All the entertainments past, the shows and what they showed us
My first gig was Sha-Na-Na supported by Kilburn and the High Roads
There’s a lantern now a Beacon and the name that changed therein
A vaunted man of history went for a little swim

You do what you can like you could and I did there’s a storm coming and we’re all invited

It was only a quick dip, no time to doth his coat and stole
No points for style in the statue’s dive it was more of a victory roll
Through the lense of mythic time the town and it’s troubled his-tor-ree
Founding fathers falling down….. stove pipe IKB, I said stove pipe IKB

I have never done this
never written a poem before
in my life
but it’s been good to try
I would normally say this with cakes

I’m not sure if this counts
because it’s about bath
it was written last year
25th day of march
25th day of

The complete and utter boredom of lockdown lol
For people working from their homes, trousers optional
Acts of kindness and furlough fails, an obsolete clock leads to whimsical trails
Drive through everything shop solo spectator sport is still a no go

I can hardly play guitar, I can hardly sing
but occasionally I try to write a song, here’s an attempt at one of them
I may try and record it again – I think I’ve got a better version in me
But for now here’s what I got, much love, Jim

I’m probably usually always in, I’m usually probably always in

I spent so many weeks, waiting to get back on the road
But it’s gonna take so much longer now, to get to all the shows that have been postponed
So I took a delivery job and now I’ve got new fans
I am kind of back on tour now, driving vans and charming grans
(making sure I always sanitise my hands)

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