Watch Vanessa Kisuule poem heralds Bristol Beacon

On Wednesday 23 September 2020 Colston Hall changed its name to Bristol Beacon. Bristol City poet Vanessa Kisuule wrote this poem to unveil the new name, spoken by the people of Bristol.

Watch our announcement and find out more about our new name here.

that brick and that car and that house
And that streetlight strobing concrete
slabs to restless disco

A beacon
bright, blink twice, look up, out and over
new lick of paint, rhythm switch,
cymbal shimmers and bubbling riffs

Chaos chrysalis curled like a treble clef
Familiar, mysterious, that song kept
under your tongue like a sugar lump

A beacon
The first gig that took you by the collar,
how the light and the bass boiled over
Its thin lid, everyone sharing a heartbeat

obvious and elusive, myth and
mundane, surviving the strange,
emerging shed of shame and sonorous

A beacon
you and you and you and especially
you, constant tapper of tables and kneecaps,
come bless this place with graceless noise

our home, because of, in spite of, in
light of, in thrall to, in time with,
in debt to every single one of you

A beacon
wink of prism, trill of ivory
two drumsticks in a kid’s hands
Galaxies exhaling with the arc of an arm

Drum Roll.
Held breath.
New name.
Bristol Beacon

It’s Time.


Poem by Vanessa Kisuule

Director: Oliver Kendall
Director of Photography: Remco Merbis
Sound Recordist: Rob Saunders
Editor: Matt Harris
Audio Mixer: Filmsat59

Composer: Brian Hargreaves

Produced on behalf of Bristol Beacon


Mo Ali, Ngaio Anyia, Marti Burgess, Edson Burton, Emma Champion, Makala Cheung, Lloyd Coleman, Kathryn Davis, Mike Evans, Beth Griffin (Grove), Lucy Hunt, LaToyah Mcallister-Jones, Nadine Gingell, Roger Griffiths, David Ogden, Siggy Patchitt, Alice Towle, Abi Ward, Laura Welti, Daniel Wood

Welcome to
Bristol Beacon

On Wednesday 23 September 2020 Colston Hall changed its name to Bristol Beacon.

Our new name is just the first step, it is about more than the sign above our door. Click below to find out more about how we’re changing, watch our name announcement, and discover how we want everyone to share in the joy of live music.

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