Singing to support those in sheltered accommodation

Throughout October and November, Bristol Music Trust has piloted a new programme of music making workshops with residents living in sheltered accommodation.

Sheltered accommodation, which is specifically designed to help elderly people and younger disabled people live independently, is often formed of self-contained flats with some communal facilities.

Elderly residents often experience isolation and loneliness in these environments, with the limited communal spaces and opportunities to socialise. The workshops, led by Omar Shahryar and Ally Cameron-Daw in partnership with Serious Trust and Bristol City Council, aim to tackle these issues and unite residents.

Following a series of on-site sessions, on Thursday 28 November 2019 residents from four local sheltered accommodation complexes were brought together for a final workshop, mass singing session, tea and cake at Colston Hall to celebrate the culmination of the pilot project.

Our foyer was filled with the sound of Christmas carols, old Jamaican tunes, classic musical numbers and absolute joy as the residents sang their hearts out.

About the project

Through this project we have aimed to:

  • Bring to life the communal areas in sheltered accommodations
  • Unite residents and staff socially through engaging, enjoyable activity
  • Tackle commonplace feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Support Colston Hall’s mission to engage new communities and new audiences; bring live music into homes and community settings and build healthy and happy communities.

“Serious have been delighted to work in partnership with Bristol Music Trust and see the success of this project which has brought music and the arts to a new audience in their local community.”

Grace Lindley, Leaning and Participation Coordinator at Serious

Following evaluation of this pilot programme, we hope to roll out further sessions in 2020.

Find out more

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